Traditional Church Hymns

There are certain church hymns that every Christian should know by heart. When everything seems overwhelming and you feel like you cannot go on, a traditional church hymn is what you need to read. It will lift you through the most difficult of times. Early Christians relied on these hymns to make their way through all types of experiences without giving up. By singing a traditional church hymn or church songs for easter, you get to allow the Holy Spirit to help you do just about everything. Millions of believers continue to sign old hymns to put their faith in God. It ensures that God’s grace surrounds them entirely. This post takes a close look at the best traditional church hymns. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Amazing Grace by John Newton

John Newton wrote and sang “Amazing Grace” in 1779 in England and it continues to live in our heart to this very day. The name itself reminds us of the amazing grace of God. The sweetness of grace is what the hymn talks about. No matter what you might be going through, it will remind you of the times when you could not go on and how God gave you the strength to keep pushing through. Find your way by learning this amazing traditional church hymn or christian piano sheet music.

2. How Great Thou Art by Carl Gustav

Carl Gustav wrote “How Great Thou Art” in 1885 in Sweden and it became a huge hit throughout the Christian world. It is still recited to this day. Although Sweden might have changed entirely over the century, this traditional church hymn has remained the same. It reminds us of a time when the faithful truly had control and spent time thinking about the glory of God. Let the power of God surround you with this powerful traditional church hymn.

3. It Is Well By Horacio Spafford

Horacio Spafford wrote a true masterpiece in “It Is Well”. The traditional church hymn and Good Friday worship songs was written at the Atlantic Ocean in 1873 as he made his way to the New World. The hymn talks about peace, sorrow, relentless thoughts, and how the soul is well despite everything it endures. Let your soul know that everything is well by reciting this beauty. It will help you overcome all adversities in life. 

4. By Thou My Vision by Dallan Forgail

Going all the way back to the 6th Century, when Dallan Forgail wrote “By Thou My Vision” in Ireland, it is a traditional church hymn or Palm Sunday Music & Songs that will inspire you like none other. It talks about God providing one with vision, filling their heart with love, and being their savior day and night. Let the presence of God enter your life with this hymn.

5. All Creatures of Our God and King by St. Francis

St. Francis wrote a beauty when he wrote “All Creatures of Our God and King” in 1225 in Italy. It talks about the omnipresence of God.


Now that you know about the best traditional church hymns or Easter Sunday Hymns, it is time that you learned them by heart. 


Learning to Play Instruments Through Online Videos and Tutorials

As the saying goes, music is food for soul, it is also a way to express feelings, emotions and desire. A language with no words. Similarly, playing a musical instrument can help you soothe your mind and soul. Wait! You don’t know how to play one? Well, that’s why we here for. No, no, not to give you address of a music academy but helping you play instruments online and that too from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are new to the world of music or struggling to improve your existing skills, thanks to the internet that you can now learn to play any musical instrument at home

Let’s start listing down the instruments and how to play them through online videos.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar and is quite easy to use and easy drum worship songs understand. For those who adore rock music and pop stars, they can get their hands on this one. It is, in some ways, similar to acoustic part. The only difference is the number of strings which differ from six in acoustic guitar to 4 in a bass guitar. There are numerous YouTube video tutorials to help you get started from the basic christian songs with guitar chords online.


Small and portable, Ukulele is a pleasant music instrument adored by many. There are different courses and websites offering programs and classes to beginners interested in playing Ukulele. Their fee structure varies from course to course but one thing that we can give guarantee, is that they all are super affordable and more fun when some of them have built-in game like tutorials to make your learning experience more fun and exciting. You can visit Skillshare and other teaching websites letting you try for free for a specific period of time after which, you are required to pay monthly or annually. If the cost factor doesn’t settle with you, you can still look up to YouTube flooded with hundreds of video tutorials.


This pocket-sized instrument instills a great deal of music alterations when played with other instruments or worship vocal and singing lessons online. The humming sound of this small instrument creates a sweet melody that touches your heart. The step by step tutorial given by Mitch Grainger is a popular online tutorial available on YouTube. There is also a website called Udemy which is tutoring thousands of young people to play Harmonica online. All you have got to do is pay for the monthly subscription that is less than $15 and you are good to enter the online classroom.


As simple and elegant as it can get, this small woodwind instruments instills serenity into one’s soul when played. Websites like Learn to Play and Preply provide beginners with free lessons. Websites like these are helping thousands of children across the globe to learn to play recorder and improve their praise and worship music online will improve with the passage of time. You can also take help from music tutorials and pay for on demand tutorials from various instrument playing websites.

We hope this article has made you aware of different online instrument playing platforms.

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How Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Property

Believe it or not, landscaping does add value to your property. We have always been told to focus on the interior of our house. To paint the walls a bright color, to choose furniture that complements the interior, and to pick out the best drapes. However, the backyard and landscaping are just as important. Here are some reasons how it adds value

  • A well landscape home does have a significant price advantage over a home which does not have landscape. This means choosing a great landscape designer melbourne. This advantage ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. In monetary terms, this means that if your home costs $300,000, you will have an extra value of $16,500 to $31,800. However, landscaping is not just restricted to flowers and bushes. It also includes the designing your backyard and front yard.
  • The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) stated that mowing about 2800 square feet of lawn, pruning shrubs and planting 60 annuals or perennials costs about $3000. However, it results in 100% return when you are selling your house
  • If you have a landscape that has a mature garden, it will also help to add value. For instance, when a buyer comes over, the first thing they are going to see is your garden. If it has mature plants, it is obvious that it has been tended to for a number of years. This will also send a good impression about the interior on the buyers.
  • A good garden design space with plants improve the quality of the air, thus giving the impression that you are living in a clean environment. This is a bonus point with new buyers.
  • A huge garden space where you can hold events to socialize with neighbors also indicates a friendly environment which is another plus point with buyers.
  • Having features such as water fountains in the middle of the garden will give your house an edge over similar houses. This is more so in neighborhoods where houses look similar to one another. 

What you can do to add value

If you want to landscape to add value to your property, you can take some of the following steps.

  • You can begin by keeping things simple. Even if you are not planning to sell your property in the near future, you can begin by growing shrubs and plants as these take a longer time to grow.
  • Remember, people enjoy nature, the sun and outdoor space. You can have a landscaped patio which will raise the value of your home. Add some patio furniture and you will be surprised by how many buyers are attracted to your house.
  • Install lightning so that visitors know where they are going, especially if you are to invite them to see your house after dark. Plus, having colorful lights will only add value to your home as it will give a mesmerizing look to your house.

While most people ignore the value of the garden, it is important that it not be overlooked especially if you are planning to sell your house at some point.


Pool Builders Can Consult, Advise and Create a Perfect Pool

It pays to choose a pool builder Melbourne carefully. They’ll essentially be renovating the property, which includes excavation and removal of plants, installing the pool, performing any customization work, and creating the surroundings around the pool, whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground installation. Pool builders are also skilled in rebuilding, renovating, and updating existing pools.

There are essentially three types of pools – fiberglass, concrete and vinyl liner. Fiberglass pools are quicker to install, but have limited shapes from which to choose. Custom concrete pools Melbourne are highly durable and can be created in any desired shape. Vinyl liner pools feature fast installation and durability.

Considerable thought should be placed in the amount of room available for the pool, its location, and the size, depth and shape. The primary use will also be a factor. While it will be used for swimming, some also utilize their pool as a focal point for entertaining and relaxation, with very little actual swimming. Individuals will also want to give thought to the type of entry to the pool that will be desired.

An Olympic-sized pool isn’t a requirement to have fun. Depending upon the available space, a smaller pool can be incorporated into the landscape and combined with a fountain or small waterfall. A pool builder will be able to inspect the ground and help individuals select the location where the pool can be installed, and the size, with the least amount of disruption to the property.

Pool installation Melbourne can incorporate a myriad of features into a pool, from sound systems and mood lighting to adjoining spas and hot tubs. Chemical-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning and filtering systems can be built in, heaters for cooler locations, shelves for tanning, steps to traverse the pool and ledges for lounging.

It’s essential that individuals talk with their pool builder about the services they offer, if planners are available to assist in the design process, and if support is available for any built-in high-tech features. A pool builder will be able to advise, consult and help individuals arrive at a solution that best fit their needs and available property space.


Best chicken parma in Melbourne

Melbourne is unique because it is a melting pot of cultures and land of mixed races. Equally remarkable is its food and dining experiences, also the best function venues in Kew and Melbourne. Whether you are into vegetable pizzas or a chicken parma ham lover, an old school eater or a chicken parma fan, Melbourne is for everyone. The place is full of the best chicken parma surprises – flash baked, wood-fired and oven baked; thick, thin or stuffed and we may always love them all. Visit the local Kew sports bar today, we even have birthday party venue hire Melbourne avaliable!

If you prefer your parma extra cheesy; with the addition of ham or bacon; sit on the chips or the next one; In this big city, there is a whole pile of parmes in which you nibble.
The best parmas in Melbourne. Are you up for the challenge?


Scandinavian Design Style Features Functionality and Chic Elegance

There are dozens of different design styles to choose from ranging from formal to completely eclectic. One of the most popular and trendy of recognized designs is Scandinavian. Before decorating any home or office, it’s crucial to understand the array of styles available and what they encompass. The keywords to remember with Mid Century and Scandinavian furniture online are light, airy and functional.

Scandinavian design style is characterized by a minimalist look that’s actually a spin-off from mid-century modern and there are numerous versions contained within the Scandinavian style.

It first became popular in the 1950s and it’s still a mainstay in homes and offices around the world, a testament to its enduring quality. It features a look that’s simple, clean, functional and contemporary, without sacrificing beauty or elegance. Often Scandinavian and mid century furniture Melbourne or mid century and Scandi furniture Sydney are created by using different furniture pieces all together; such as Scandinavian tables and Scandi-style dining tables.

The style typically utilizes grays, whites and similar neutral colors as the basic foundation to build upon. Scandinavian design features bright accent colors and is a timeless design that can work well in multiple environments. Each object is selected for balance, symmetry and proportion. The style is often associated with IKEA and provides low-cost Scandinavian design options for anyone on a budget.

The style utilizes large mirrors, making it an ideal choice for smaller environments to give the impression of more space. Light colored wood and warm colors are typically utilized in the flooring and accented with rugs in subtle shades. The overall effect is a bright and airy space that makes maximum use of natural light with a minimum of window treatments.

The Scandinavian furniture Sydney is a completely uncluttered look that’s immensely attractive from an aesthetic standpoint. The style also makes maximum use of botanicals, fresh flowers and plants, and natural elements that reflect the value that residents of Scandinavian nations place on nature.

The style grew partly in opposition to the ‘bigger is better’ mentality that indicated wealth, power and social status that followed the end of World War II.
Scandinavian design is clean and uncluttered, yet modern and cozy. It’s an artistic and low-stress design style that’s equally applicable for homes, apartments, and offices.