There are dozens of different design styles to choose from ranging from formal to completely eclectic. One of the most popular and trendy of recognized designs is Scandinavian. Before decorating any home or office, it’s crucial to understand the array of styles available and what they encompass. The keywords to remember with Mid Century and Scandinavian furniture online are light, airy and functional.

Scandinavian design style is characterized by a minimalist look that’s actually a spin-off from mid-century modern and there are numerous versions contained within the Scandinavian style.

It first became popular in the 1950s and it’s still a mainstay in homes and offices around the world, a testament to its enduring quality. It features a look that’s simple, clean, functional and contemporary, without sacrificing beauty or elegance. Often Scandinavian and mid century furniture Melbourne or mid century and Scandi furniture Sydney are created by using different furniture pieces all together; such as Scandinavian tables and Scandi-style dining tables.

The style typically utilizes grays, whites and similar neutral colors as the basic foundation to build upon. Scandinavian design features bright accent colors and is a timeless design that can work well in multiple environments. Each object is selected for balance, symmetry and proportion. The style is often associated with IKEA and provides low-cost Scandinavian design options for anyone on a budget.

The style utilizes large mirrors, making it an ideal choice for smaller environments to give the impression of more space. Light colored wood and warm colors are typically utilized in the flooring and accented with rugs in subtle shades. The overall effect is a bright and airy space that makes maximum use of natural light with a minimum of window treatments.

The Scandinavian furniture Sydney is a completely uncluttered look that’s immensely attractive from an aesthetic standpoint. The style also makes maximum use of botanicals, fresh flowers and plants, and natural elements that reflect the value that residents of Scandinavian nations place on nature.

The style grew partly in opposition to the ‘bigger is better’ mentality that indicated wealth, power and social status that followed the end of World War II.
Scandinavian design is clean and uncluttered, yet modern and cozy. It’s an artistic and low-stress design style that’s equally applicable for homes, apartments, and offices.