There are certain church hymns that every Christian should know by heart. When everything seems overwhelming and you feel like you cannot go on, a traditional church hymn is what you need to read. It will lift you through the most difficult of times. Early Christians relied on these hymns to make their way through all types of experiences without giving up. By singing a traditional church hymn or church songs for easter, you get to allow the Holy Spirit to help you do just about everything. Millions of believers continue to sign old hymns to put their faith in God. It ensures that God’s grace surrounds them entirely. This post takes a close look at the best traditional church hymns. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Amazing Grace by John Newton

John Newton wrote and sang “Amazing Grace” in 1779 in England and it continues to live in our heart to this very day. The name itself reminds us of the amazing grace of God. The sweetness of grace is what the hymn talks about. No matter what you might be going through, it will remind you of the times when you could not go on and how God gave you the strength to keep pushing through. Find your way by learning this amazing traditional church hymn or christian piano sheet music.

2. How Great Thou Art by Carl Gustav

Carl Gustav wrote “How Great Thou Art” in 1885 in Sweden and it became a huge hit throughout the Christian world. It is still recited to this day. Although Sweden might have changed entirely over the century, this traditional church hymn has remained the same. It reminds us of a time when the faithful truly had control and spent time thinking about the glory of God. Let the power of God surround you with this powerful traditional church hymn.

3. It Is Well By Horacio Spafford

Horacio Spafford wrote a true masterpiece in “It Is Well”. The traditional church hymn and Good Friday worship songs was written at the Atlantic Ocean in 1873 as he made his way to the New World. The hymn talks about peace, sorrow, relentless thoughts, and how the soul is well despite everything it endures. Let your soul know that everything is well by reciting this beauty. It will help you overcome all adversities in life. 

4. By Thou My Vision by Dallan Forgail

Going all the way back to the 6th Century, when Dallan Forgail wrote “By Thou My Vision” in Ireland, it is a traditional church hymn or Palm Sunday Music & Songs that will inspire you like none other. It talks about God providing one with vision, filling their heart with love, and being their savior day and night. Let the presence of God enter your life with this hymn.

5. All Creatures of Our God and King by St. Francis

St. Francis wrote a beauty when he wrote “All Creatures of Our God and King” in 1225 in Italy. It talks about the omnipresence of God.


Now that you know about the best traditional church hymns or Easter Sunday Hymns, it is time that you learned them by heart.